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# Guaranteed Success

Frequenty Asked Question

Professional unconventional students who demand flexibility due to work or family obligations will benefit from our online learning. Face-to-face instruction is even more advantageous for students who want some interaction and direct, personal contact with the lecturers to complete the class material in the allotted time.

We offer both combination of online distance and classroom.

No, We do not offer short course. We offer qualification registered on the NQF that has real life benefit.

Working professionals will benefit from our online classes. A final examination is necessary to be written in order to be found competent. We prepare you for the department's and higher education's final examinations. Assignments and other assessments can be completed at your convenience, you can complete your exams in person at the Braamfontein Examination Center. if you cannot, we can arrange with a local TVET College in your Area.

MyCEMS is a web-based learning portal that allows enrolled students to build their own learning Work-Space. This allows a student to view online assignment results, examination results, timetables, examination timetables, print financial statements and confirmation letters, as well as have access to an online book store, discuss with other students and lecturers, and many other features that will aid in a student's learning.

Some courses will merely require you to complete assignments, while others will require you to write tests and/or prepare a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). Unless otherwise noted, all courses that need National Examinations will be held at our Braamfontein Campus, together with the requisite Control Test. Please double-check that the course you've chosen is eligible for National Examination. Every year, National Examinations are held in May/June and October/November. However, National Examination is not required for all National Qualifications. You will receive a certificate or diploma once you have completed your course.

You can Avail the opportunity to get enrolled in any of our course

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