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Advertising practice demands an attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, work ethic, positive regard for others (i.e. colleagues and clients), professionalism and a willingness to go beyond the obvious. The purpose of this qualification is to ensure that qualified learners understand advertising agency processes, systems and technical methods in general, and specialise in the processes, systems and technical methods that they are (to be) involved in by achieving specific competence. These processes, systems and technical methods refer to copywriting, art direction and design, client service, media buying, television/radio production, and print production.

For the individual that achieves this qualification, it means improved levels of competence to compete internationally, achieving defined learning outcomes in a shorter space of time, getting a foot in the door to progress to higher levels on the learning and career pathway in Advertising, and improved employment opportunities as a result of the integration of knowledge (theory) and skills (practical) to do their job from day one. The industry also benefits from increased efficiency and saving time and money, and improved competitiveness and quality. Access to information and products and services is improved, with resulting social and economic benefits.

Course Requirement

Grade 12 (Std 10) or equivalent 

1. Source and analyse information required for advertising decision-making.

2. Present ideas and make recommendations regarding appropriateness and relevance of ideas and recommendations.

3. Interpret information for advertising assignments to determine resource requirements.

4. Evaluate advertising assignment progress.

5. Evaluate advertising assignment outputs.

6. Implement and coordinate advertising assignment activities according to brief.


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